Jia Ni Teo | Rebrand


Jia Ni Teo is a life and business coach helping creative, driven, visionary women create the life and business they envision and love. Jia Ni runs an international boutique coaching business, guiding clients all over the world to make their business and lifestyle visions a reality.

Jia Ni came to me looking to upgrade her brand to more strongly reflect her business and the beautiful clients she works with. We collaborated with Tara Spencer on some absolutely beautiful original lettering as a start point for the logo and built the brand from there. Jia Ni was lovely to work with - such an inspiring woman. And it's always such a pleasure to collaborate with other talented artists to create something really special. 

Client:          Jia Ni Teo
Project:        Rebrand, Logo, Brand Guide
Logo:           Calligraphy by Tara Spencer


Sequin Dress  .  Gold Gifts  .  Door  .  Ocean  .  Desk  .  Paper  .  Shoes  .  Cards

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